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August 6, 2012
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Welcome to Summoner's Rift
The vision was clear, Orianna was in the summoner platform, a circular stone base, with arcane symbols underneath her feet and stone steps down that led the way into the field. The sky had a few clouds and the breeze that came from the woods surrounding the battlefield contained something magical within, after all, the field was built in a place where the magical forces had more strength, and where magical battles of untold proportions where fought during the previous Runewars. Turning her head left, she could observe at close range there was the shop keeper, ready to serve the champions of the league, a small being, with an abundant yellowish beard that could almost touch the ground, and in its back, a tiny bag filled with equipment that seemed to be falling from it. It was curious to some of them, having participated in both sides of the battlefield, how the shop keepers looked identical, perhaps twin brothers. Following the sight to the right down the steps, was the nexus, ever present in all battles, emanating blue light from its magnificent, diamond-shaped prism floating above a magical platform lying flat on the ground. Then there was the summoners, for some, master puppeteers, to others the new arm of justice and peace. Their presence, represented by floating statues of old-like wizards holding a scepter with both hands and their head looking a little downwards, as if whispering to the nexus. Six of these statues surrounded the nexus. Orianna knew exactly what to do, she was programmed to perfection in every aspect there could be, her father had done a marvelous work. Everything flowed exactly as her father had mentioned. As soon as she entered Summoners Rift, there was a strange, unnatural connection, that one between champion and summoner. Orianna knew about it, and despite that many argued that the feeling of a summoner entering your mind is rather painful and alien, for her it was rather comforting. That was the moment she had waited for, the moment her father had programmed her to complete, the moment "she" couldn't experience.
Orianna recalls that day perfectly, the day she was "born". The first image she recalls is seeing a man, making a gesture with his face, a big smile, and a strange transparent liquid falling from his eyes, and immediately after seeing that, the man puts a picture of a pretty girl into his jacket, beside his heart and embraced her completely.
-My dear! - said the man with a soft joyful tone. -It is so good to have you back!
At that point, Orianna didn't know much about the situation, where she was, who the man is, and who she was... But somehow, she knew how to talk, how to defend herself, how to kill.
-Wh...oouo aearr...- her voice was not in harmony, it seemed like an old radio device trying to find a frequency to listen.
-How could I forget!? Don't worry my dear; let me fix your voice.
Like a naive children, she observed how the man reached for a strange tool in the nearby shelf. It was a sharp metal stick, she had never seen it, but knew what it was.
-Scr....eeeuuw ddrri-
-Yes! My dear, it is a screwdriver. Don't force yourself; let me adjust your voice. - he went towards what seemed to be her neck, opening a small cover with his tool.
Her movements where at first involuntary, like spasms, but as time passed, she got used to it. Making a drastic movement with her head, she turned to see the man. He was an old man, perhaps in his 50's, with black and grayish hair with a bald spot in his forehead.
-There it is! - said the man after putting his tool aside and looking up into the eyes of Orianna.
Wrinkles had done their job, and his face looked dirty and pale. His eyes, filled with hope and happiness, had a light brown color. Above his mouth, a strange gathering of hair was present, a moustache that looked dirty, filled with debris of unknown materials; the beard of the man was not long, but it seemed as it hadn't been shaved for weeks. His smile was full of joy, as if he had seen someone for the first time in a long time.
-Who are you? - Orianna's voice was that of a robot, sloppy arrangements of technological sounds that tried to mimic that of a human.
-My daughter Orianna, my name is Corin Reveck and I am your father.

-Orianna, is that a memory of yours? - Summoner Carin asked, through the connection she made with Orianna.
-Yes, it is my first memory. - Orianna answered without hesitation.
-How come we didn't see this in your judgment? It doesn't matter; right now we need to focus with the task at hand. - Carin seemed disturbed. Although she had already been a summoner for some time now, it was a strange event, how Orianna related a past memory with the feeling of the connection. She had seen this with other champions of the league, but she didn't expect it from the Lady of Clockwork, perhaps it was not as empty as it seemed.
-My first match, this will be fun.- Orianna answered out loud, as if trying to seem excited, though the only thing she achieved was some weird looks from the other champions.
-Alright Orianna you know the drill, now let's see what you and your ball can do for our team. - Irelia spoke with her usual tone of leadership. The Will of the Blades was not the kind of person that would treat a newcomer nicely if it hasn't proven its worth.
-Affirmative, you will not be disappointed. - Orianna didn't recognize the threat in Irelia's voice, but she continued on. With her starting coin, Carin indicated to buy a Doran's ring, which would help her sustain her attacks in mid-lane combat.
-Don't have a doubt, naive lady- Lee Sin said, with his calm voice. The Blind Monk had its history with Ionia; after all, he was the man responsible to trigger the dynamite lying within every Ionian citizen to get rid of the Noxian occupation in the southern provinces of Ionia.-There is more beneath her than what the normal eye can see. –
-Now, just let her do the job, she will be facing the Master Tactician in lane. That will require her full attention. - Kayle mentioned. The Judicator, as she was known, was a winged being, with an impressive armor, and her mighty sword always by her side. -Graves, let's go bottom lane.-
-Now just wait there little angel, I ain't ready yet.- Graves mumbled, as having a bit of a conflict, he was the kind of man that didn't like to take orders from anyone, after all he was The Outlaw.
Thirty seconds until minions spawn!
The announcement was made, and everyone started to take their positions in lanes. Summoner's Rift, the arena that decided the fate of political grudges between enemy city-states, preventing open war from detonating and the prohibition of dangerous magic, all to keep the peace in the world and preserve it for the future generations.
The battlefield was a fine demonstration of superior magic, it was located in a forest surrounded by a magical treeline that prevented the entrance by any means, except that one of the summoning done by the leagues' representative summoners. The square-like arena was aligned so that one of its sides pointed to the North Pole. On the southwest corner stood the Blue base, and in the northeast corner the Purple base. The bases are surrounded by a thick wall of magic stone that prevented the entrance from almost everywhere, except for the three openings that lead the way into the field. Starting from each base came the well-known top, middle and bottom lanes. Top and bottom lane would track its path through the inner perimeter of the arena; meanwhile the middle lane would cross in a straight line from and towards each base. Starting from the nexus with its two most powerful towers, each lane had one inhibitor at the edge of the base, just before the opening of the surrounding wall, with a guarding tower, and two more consecutive towers separated by a moderate distance and right in between each of the outer most turrets of both teams flowed the Serpentine River from the northwest corner down into the southeast corner and laying in two separate dens where the mighty Dragon and the feared Baron Nashor. In between the lanes was the jungle, a mysterious and dangerous place, where neutral monsters would spawn, granting extra rewards to their hunters, but with its own risks; you never knew when an enemy could strike from the bushes nearby.
Orianna started walking from the summoner platform into the field, through the middle lane, it is common that the alignment for the battlefield was one person in top lane, one in the jungle, one in middle lane, and two in bottom lane. Right before reaching the outer most tower, Orianna received command from Carin to take the path to her right leading into the jungle to guard the area near the Lizard Elder and the wraith camp. Orianna then gave the command to her ball to attack the brush behind the Elder's camp to scout for enemies. The ball, her companion, her protector, her pet, was always there when she needed it, ever since the day her father gave it to her as her first birthday present.
Orianna fanfiction story. Read and follow the adventures of Orianna the Lady of Clockwork!
As a champion of the League, Orianna has a story but not everything is told in the formal media...

Episode 2 [link]

Orianna champion & episode portrait are copyright of RiotGames
Fictional story by me.

Hello dear reader =) I Hope you find this text entertaining, and if you like, dont forget to fave and comment! Critique is very well accepted, dont be shy!
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giccgic Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Writer
It's overall very well written, I really liked how you described Summoners.
However, I think you misspelled were somewhere (not sure).
This one is from 2012 so i'll read the new episodes next. :)
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Yep! I had a stop writting, so its kinda old. But hey, Im back ;)
scarletbelacqua Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
i finally got to read this and im glad i did. I have read her lore before and this is just completing it to me. My favorite part was when you described her first memory and how you emphasized Orianna getting used to her own non-human way of moving. Those little details really give depth to a story and makes it much more immersive. Overall I thought itwas a great read and i loved the different perspective i imagined of the Proving Grounds and how you described the other champions. I look forward to reading more :). The only thing i see wrong is that you spelled Doran's Dorians.
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
Oh that mistake is still there? I thought I had changed it xD
Im really glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback, Hope you get to read the next parts :D
scarletbelacqua Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
i certainly will :)
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
NBDigitalArt Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, vivid and brilliant :) love how you have portrayed her delicate yet strong character :) x
rainbowsandskulls Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice! I'm pretty sure that even if I didn't play LoL at all I would be able to understand and mentally create the scenario. You did a great job :D

And also an interesting put of the connection with the summoner at all times, i was expecting either Ori fighting on her on or just the summoner's point of view.
I think i'll enjoy finding out about Orianna even more through this!
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
THanks! That was the point of the text, so that people can understand it, without having played LoL, thus I'm making some slight changes to the verbs and in game terms, so to say, to not making too boring for summoners!
keep tuned for the last part of chapter 1
Arnei Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
Oh, it seems I found a nice little story about Orianna, how convenient. The long explanation of the League and it's Rift wasn't too interesting for an old stager like me, but i like your writing style. Also, as far as i am concerned your english is fine and easy to read (my mothertongue is german). I'm curious to see what you'll make out of Ori. Now onward to Part 2!
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