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-Who are you? - Orianna's voice was that of a robot, sloppy arrangements of technological sounds that tried to mimic that of a human.
-My daughter Orianna, my name is Corin Reveck and I am your father.(...)
(...) The ball, her companion, her protector, her pet, was always there when she needed it, ever since the day her father gave it to her as her first birthday present.


-Orianna! Where are you my dear? - Corin came up to her room. The room was spectacular, it was a round shape room, with a beautiful wallpaper with a ballet theme, the floor was no exception, it was a beautiful pastel color marble tiles that made the perfect match with the wall papers. On the walls there were a lot of pictures of a little blonde girl and her father, it could also be appreciated between photos the progress of time, how the girl grew, her first day at school, the ballet rehearsal in the biggest theater in Piltover. At the very center of the room there was a cupola and it had a painting, one of a ballerina, performing a great dance, and behind her, a man, watching her back, holding her in mid-air, preventing her from falling. Right beneath there was a round table, small in size and in the middle, there was a ballerina toy, it was made out of the finest porcelain in all of Valoran. The ballerina was standing in a platform, with a key coming from one of its side. Orianna was standing in one foot, her arms completely stretched towards the ceiling and her face looking towards the desk, she tried to mimic the pose of the ballerina.
-Father, am I doing it right? Just like I used to do it? - Orianna asked.
Corin observed his new daughter. It was one of those moments in which time and space take advantage of our feelings and take us into memories we thought forgotten. Years before, Corin would enter his daughter's room and find a little 6 years old girl doing exactly the same thing, imitating the same toy, asking the same question.
Orianna could observe how her father's gaze was lost to infinity and beyond, daydreaming...
The little girl started to loose balance, urgently Corin ran to hold her before falling, but the girl fell to the ground. Worried, he came closer to the girl, held her hand and helped her stand. -My dear, are you hurt? - He said with a soft voice. -There is nothing bad with falling, but you must get back up.-
-Understood. - Orianna said. Instantly, Corin's gaze changed, and then he saw his mechanized daughter getting up from the floor, with his hand holding her tight. Orianna detected how something suddenly changed in his voice tone, he then let go her hand.
-Qhrrmm- Her father cleared his throat -I, hmm, I have something for you my dear! - He took a kerchief from his pocket and cleaned his eyes. -Come to my lab, you will like it.-
The lab was different from the first time she saw it. Before, it was all messy, dusty, and the tall windows were covered allowing just very little light inside and there was not a single trace of order in it, with pieces laying everywhere, there was even pieces of food half eaten. But now, it was very different, the tall windows were uncovered, allowing Orianna to see everything clear. The square tables lying around in the room had different things now, glass containers with strange liquids flowing through different tubes, strange machines working on their own spinning around or ticking tirelessly. The lab just seemed alive, just like its owner. There was a curious table, separated from every other, with quite some space and it had a blanket over it. It could be appreciated there was a spherical object underneath the blanket, standing in a white marble monolith.
-Orianna, the day I...- Corin stared at the ground. -The day I lost you was the darkest moment in my life, I could only transfer the images into your memory, but all the emotions couldn't be transferred.-
-Yes, I can see the memory father- Orianna Replied- How I practiced to become a league champion, the way I took the turret shots and the moment I died. - Her voice was steady and unchanged, showing no sadness a normal person would show when talking about such a delicate issue. That moment Corin looked into his daughter's eyes.
-I couldn't do nothing to help you...- Tears started to come out of his eyes. -I felt useless as I tried to move the controls to stop the turret, but I... I panicked and I just kept screaming and crying so you could just back off while you... I paralyzed. - His voice was now afflicted. There was a moment of silence as Corin started to recover his composure. -But now it's different- he said in a more joyful tone smiling while cleaning his eyes. -I have been working all this year to create something special for you, something that would prevent the same thing from happening twice. -Corin walked next to the table, and taking one side of the blanket he smiled wide and proud. -This is my birthday present for you my dear, my second masterpiece. Ready?-
-Yes father. - Orianna knew she had to be prepared, therefore, with her unnatural flexibility she reached out the big golden key she had on her back and gave it a few spins. After doing so, her internal mechanisms gained more power and speed; it was as if she had just a sudden rush of energy.
With a swift movement, Corin removed the blanket and there it was a metallic sphere the size of Orianna's chest, It had spectacular golden frames embedded with hand-made ornaments, just like the ones Orianna had in her arms and legs. It could be seen how it had a gap between the golden frames that could be opened, and a peculiar hole right in the middle. -Isn't it perfect? I just finished the last details in the outer shell to match your ornaments. - Corin said walking around the sphere.
-It is a marvelous sphere- Orianna looked at it from all angles, getting closer each time until she would touch it with her palm and getting closer as to hear its heartbeat. -But, it is off. How does it work father?
-Well now that is where you come in my dear. Your heart is made of a special gear and magic- As her father spoke Orianna looked down at her chest, observing the golden gear ornament in the middle of chest. -You have to open your heart and wish to give it a piece of life. It relies on a different machinery than yours, it uses electromagnetic devices to power itself and perform its functions, but it only needs to be activated- Corin went to the back of the sphere and pressed a button, releasing the lock and opening the ball from the upper half. Inside the ball was as magnificent in the inside as the outside as the beautiful carvings could also be appreciated. Uniting the top and bottom cover was a metallic tube with unions that allowed it to move freely and right in the middle there was a lens that seemed like an eye.
Orianna started to look at the curious mechanism. After a moment, she looked at her hand and giving command to open her fingertip a small key came out. She aimed towards the gear she had in her chest, predicting the spasms she normally had from her inner working gears to not break the key. As the key approached her chest, a small hole started to open in the golden gear. Orianna introduced the key and gave it a twist. Quickly, small gears started to move inside her and the metallic lid opened revealing her heart. A magic gear, emanating bright blue light and turning effortlessly ad tirelessly. Orianna approached to the sphere aiming her heart at the lens in the sphere. A magic bond started to form, becoming more visible as she approached, and when Orianna was as close as she could, the bond intensified, throwing sparkles and small lightning in all directions. Corin could only stare at his robot girl, smiling at the sight. It was proven now that the Infinity Gear could spread its power to other machines, and Corin understood the danger his daughter would be if someone found about it. The blue light started to grow brighter and the sparkles intensified, the marble monolith started to shake, Corin's eyes became bright and, in a last burst of energy, a wave of light spread as the bond finished, forcing Corin to take cover underneath a nearby table. As he raised his eyes he could observe that the monolith had fallen and broken into pieces and Orianna was standing, observing the sphere, and it, in exchange, was floating in its original position. It took out its lens from the hole in the shell, analyzing the surroundings and bringing its attention to Orianna. It was unexplainable how the sphere communicated with Orianna using only sounds. After a moment, Orianna looked at it and asked -Can I touch you? - The sphere seemed to approve with a strange sound and moving its lens. As Orianna's hand touched the ball, it seemed to shiver and Orianna made a sound that seemed like a giggle. -I like you. I am Orianna. What is your name? - The sphere made another sound. -Ball, agreed- The ball started to revolve around Orianna in a cheerful way. Corin was observing from beneath the table. He knew at that moment, the ball will be with Orianna, will be her companion, her weapon, her protector when Corin would not be there anymore. He accidentally bumped his head against the table as he was trying to get out. The ball quickly moved towards him. Corin was surprised the quick reaction it had and analyzing him, the ball started to make sounds, never taking its eye away from him. -He is Corin, my, our father- Orianna walked to the ball. -He built us. - Corin could stand now as he exited the underneath of the table. Once on his feet, The ball made different sounds, seeming happy, it revolved around Corin, while he laughed full of joy. -You two should go outside, so you can spend time together. Happy birthday Orianna- Corin hugged his daughter and he looked with a few tears in his eyes how she went outside. Released of a great burden, Corin took a seat, feeling, for the second occasion in a long time, true peace and happiness.
Orianna fanfiction story. Read and follow the adventures of Orianna the Lady of Clockwork!
As a champion of the League, Orianna has a story but not everything is told in the formal media...

Orianna champion & episode portrait are copyright of RiotGames
Fictional story by me.

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Hello dear reader! I Hope you find this text entertaining, and if you like, dont forget to fave and comment! Critique is very well accepted, dont be shy!
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Ikoter Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Student Writer
This is marvellous work.
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
Thanks a lot! I would also apreciate if you take a look at the whole story!
BlaznKira Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice.. Deep bro, I really enjoyed it
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Back to writing! keep up with me and let me know what you think!
scarletbelacqua Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Another awesome read. The only typo i spotted was an "and" missing a "n" somewhere in the middle, but it's pretty minor though.
Her room sounds like its so beautiful. Looking forward to read more.
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Thanks a lot! I'll look for the and ;)
I'm looking forward to see your post again!
rainbowsandskulls Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The ball! :heart: I think i'm actually starting to feel attached to Ori.
I like your writing. I felt all the emotion and sadness in the flashback scene, but I also felt happiness towards the end when she receives her 'birthday gift'. Keep up!
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Precisely! The ball was just one of the things I kept wondering about Orianna... And Im very flattered you could feel what they felt! That is the main point of the text, emotions in a robot, eh? lawl
Arnei Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
And that was how Orianna met her lifetime companion, although it seems this part was more about Corin and his feelings towards his daughter. I like the idea of Ori imitating her old self and the resulting flashback.
Little thing about the writing style: Try not to squeeze to much information into one sentence. In my opinion it looks like you are in haste to continue the story, also it's harder to read if there is no "stop"-point from time to time. (Example: "The room was spectacular, it was a round shape room, with a beautiful wallpaper with a ballet theme, the floor was no exception, it was a beautiful pastel color marble tiles that made the perfect match with the wall papers." Four commata, maybe it would be a good idea to split the descripition of the walls and the floor into two sentences.)
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Thanks for the comment!
It was indeed, directed towards Corin, after all, there was a big hole in its character that had to be filled in someway by the story. Besides, this stories have a special place later on.
I really liked the commnt on squeezing things, that's what I've been looking for in critique! Tyvm =D
Arnei Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Me again,
There is something that bugs me. I reread this part, but i couldn't find out how much time passed between this memory and her first one. Maybe it's unimportant, maybe the readers should not know it yet, maybe i failed to understand something, i don't know. But creating the ball should have taken a while (maybe even a year, since it is Oriannas birthday) and we(the readers) have no idea what happened to Orianna while Corin was busy building it. And i would like to know.
Also, you might want to reread this part by yourself and look for some mistakes, like forgetting a letter or even a word. Not all that important, but a clean text is easier to read and easier to appreciate.
And one last thing about a repetitive grammatical error. For example, you're writing "Corin observed !her! new daughter." Correct sentence would be "Corin observed !his! new daughter." In this case, the possesive adjective "his/her" is relating to Corin who is male (i believe), so "his" should be correct. I hope that was understandable.
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Saw all the "her"s lol changed them already.
Daketufirak Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Yes thanks! That is the kind of mistakes I can't see as Im reading what is on my mind on not exactly what is on the text.
The idea was that Orianna had the ball at her 1rst year of existence, thats why the "first birthday present"
I will think on what to put on her first year of living, didn't thought about that time, honestly. Maybe I can plug something to fit it with the next chapters
I am keeping your other comment so I can edit the text later today xD Been a little busy on my first week of class x.x But I really appreciate it!
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